Annual Membership Fee

Starting January of 2016 Healthy Living Family Medicine will be instituting an annual membership fee.

The annual membership fee will allow Healthy Living Family Medicine to sustain the personalized care and healing setting which sets us apart from much of mainstream medicine. Dr. Kerry is proud to provide very detailed and thoughtful care which often extends beyond the designated appointment time. She provide 24/7 access via phone and the patient portal.  When you call you know that you will reach either Pearl or Dr. Kerry directly rather than being directed to several different people.

This membership fee is going to be collected starting in January of 2016.  As this is the first year, the fee for 2016 will be $50 per patient.  In 2017 the fee will be increasing to $120 per adult and $72 per child. There will be a household cap at $350/year.  Current patients may pay this in January by sending in a check (preferred) or via credit card on the patient portal.  You may also pay when you come in for your first appointment of the year.  Annual fees are non-refundable.  The fee may be covered by your FSA or HSA.

For new patients the fee will be paid at your first visit and will be pro-rated ($10/month/adults and $6/month/children). In subsequent years, it will be due In January.

All of your direct medical care comes from insurance billing, so just like any other clinic, you’ll have the same copay and same percentage for medical services that you would anywhere else.

For individual consideration of a payment plan, please contact Dr. Kerry directly at Please note, if you call to discuss the fee you will be directed to email Dr. Kerry, so we recommend you start there.